Diamond Necklace Types to make a Statement

Diamonds are fondly loved elements in this universe. They are immensely appreciated for their incredible sheen and brilliance. Needless to say, they are favorite to all jewelry lover ladies out there! But do you know that diamonds are available in multiple colors and styles? Most of us are familiar with white diamonds, but there are other exotic shades too. So, if your eyes set upon the diamond necklace purchase, here is some information to help you serve your purpose.

#1. Size matters

Diamond is weighed in terms of carats. One carat equals 200 milligrams. With increasing size, the price of diamonds also increases. A single solitaire diamond costs you more than multiple smaller diamonds. Therefore, if you are looking for budget options, a necklace with smaller diamonds offers you a good bet.

#2. Cut

As soon as you head to explore latest jewellery collection, you will be surprised to see the range of options available. Even diamonds are available in a range of varieties including cut and uncut diamonds. Uncut diamonds exude soft brilliance and are preferably used with heavy necklace designs. When used in combination with emerald or rubies, uncut diamond necklaces create an impeccable accessory for ethnic outfits. On the other hand, in the case of traditional cut diamonds, there are multiple options such as oval cut, pear cut, princess cut, cushion cut, marquis cut, etc. Well, if you are fond of pendant necklaces, a heart cut diamond pendant can be an amazing option to consider.

#3. Colour

When it comes to color, there are nearly endless options. However, white is a commonly found color, also, it is economical than other alternatives. If budget is not a concern for you, then you can go on exploring yellow diamond jewelry. Buy a yellow diamond necklace to get heads turned. Unless you are a willing splurge for your diamond love, it is best to stay limited to common colors.

#4. Setting Metal

Most commonly gold is used as a base metal for diamond-studded necklaces. Higher purity gold such as 18k and 22k are preferable for the purpose due to their robustness to hold the embellishments. If you are looking for dainty necklace styles, go for a rhodium polish finish as its silver-hued base will produce an optical illusion that will make the diamond appear bigger than its original size. Besides looking appealing this setting is also friendly to your pocket. Another premium option that adds to the sparkle of the diamond is platinum. Platinum is great if you desire to purchase a sleek chain design necklace. Nevertheless, you are bounded by budget, sterling silver may be an option.

At last, an occasion when you plan to wear a necklace will play a critical role in influencing your purchase. Presently, daily wear diamond jewelry is in rage among modern buyers. Simple and everyday wear neckpieces are great to flaunt your style sense. Alternatively, heavy diamond jewelry is perfect to add a statement to your party look.

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