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As parents, we have a long wish list of the things we would like to do with our kid’s bedrooms. Somewhere along we miss out on making it functional and just give more value to creativity with a result of a room that’s cluttered. Little planning and playing smart can help you to create a room for your child that he or she can sleep, play, study and do a lot of fun activities in the same space. Wondering how can this be done? Let us give you some insight into it.

1.Compact Bed: Most of the time the kids’ room is not as spacious as the master bedroom, so the ideal furniture design that you select should be comfortable, cute, and compact. For example, a single bed, bunker beds, or loft beds are voted the best among all the different models available in the market because they occupy very little space in the room, leaving enough space to be creative. If you have more than one child, loft bed or high-sleeper bed models are best suited where the beds are on top of the other, and space below can be converted into their study stations. Invest in beds that have come with an inbuilt chest and drawers that make an excellent choice for additional space.

2. Demarcated Playzone: Create a small play zone for the kids to enjoy their playtime indoors. Children love to swing, hang, climb, bounce, build different things with the blocks. Think of this space as a place to let them express themselves without restrictions. Make sure to add a rug or carpet tiles so that it’s a soft landing for them. You can experiment with colors in this area. Incorporate a multi-purpose table with storage space for the toys.


  1. Create a Reading Corner: Like you have dedicated space to play, dedicate a small corner for their reading. You can bring in a compact bookshelf to hold their lovely bedtime storybooks, and a small chair for them to curl up and unleash themselves into the world of imagination. As they grow, you can keep adding more books of their choice, and bookshelves also make a great way to display their collectibles, like the framed picture of their first day at school.

    4. Invest in Adjustable Furniture: While you want to pick all the cute little colorful chairs and tables for your little one, remember that your little one will grow out of it soon. Look for furniture that can be adjusted, like expandable beds, height-adjustable tables, and so on.

  1. Storage Organisers: Add plenty of storage organizers to the child’s wardrobe. Children have tiny clothes that can get messy and muddled, storage organizers will keep you sane as they make it easy for you to keep those tiny jumpers, mittens, bibs, underpants all sorted and stored in one place.

Apart from these, pay special attention to the lighting of the room, let in as much natural light as possible inside their room. Keep it ventilated, bright, and clutter-free so that your child feels happy in the space.

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