wedding anniversary

Conventional gifts like perfumes, shirts, wallets, and watches are overused and frankly monotonous at this point. Having lived with your husband for years, you should be well aware of his idiosyncrasies, likes, and dislikes. But if you are still clueless, buy the following things to give him a different and new experience.


Return Tickets to His Favorite City


Everyone has a favorite city; one they’d like to visit or one that they would revisit to relive a certain feeling. Plan a getaway trip to your man’s favorite city and enjoy a trip of intimacy and togetherness.


Telescope – for Exploring the Galaxy from Home


If your husband is a space nerd, then there isn’t anything better than a high-powered telescope as an anniversary gift. He can conveniently marvel at the ever-transitioning galaxy from the comfort of his home. If he’s not into space or science, consider gifting a black diamond ring because which man will not like an ornament like that?


Car Upgrade or Full Service


If your man is obsessed with his car, then book its full service before the anniversary. Then go for a long drive together – nothing brings more joy than a noiseless, smooth driving vehicle. Or if you can afford it, get your husband his dream car – the reaction would be priceless!


Plan a Game Night


Every man loves being challenged. Make him feel like a king again by arranging a play-off with him or with his friends. Whether it’s an outdoor sport, video or board game, arrange an elaborate game night. And to top it all off, make a gift hamper to celebrate his victory!


Go on an Impromptu Trip


Traveling is never boring, especially if your husband is an adventurous guy. Plan a getaway trip, whether it’s by road, plane, to the beach or going hiking. He would certainly love the experience!


Tickets to His Favorite Game, Movie, or Concert


You might be well aware by now about your husband’s favorite team, artist, and actor. Feed his obsession by buying him tickets to their games or shows. His happiness would know no bounds.


Grooming Kit and a Spa Date


Everyone deserves to be spoiled with self-care once in a while. Buy your husband a complete grooming kit as a single-stop for all his beard, acne, or hair problems. top it off with a spa date for a full-body massage – he will certainly remember this gift for life!


Cook his Favorite Meal or Have Dinner at Your Favorite Restaurant Together


Spoil your man with his favorite dishes – served hot and with love. But if you would like to spend more time together, dress up and go out on a date like you’re both young again.


Gift Him Antique Pieces


Whether it’s a vintage watch, book, game set, or the very ancient phones, buy his favorite item from local shops or online. The history nerd in him would appreciate it.


A Fitness Kit


Encourage a man who works hard in the gym to look good and strong for himself and you. Get him a fitness kit with brand new gym wear, protein shakes, wristwatches, water bottles, and other helpful items to upgrade his workout routine.


Buy his Favorite Cigar Set


Support your man and his absurd hobbies as well. Get him unique cigar sets to add to his never-ending collection. And maybe the two of you can sit together and discuss how much it has grown since it started.


Buy Him Books by His Favorite Author


Nothing compares to the retreat offered by a good book. If your husband has been keenly waiting for a new book that is going to be released, buy it before he can – and maybe get a signed copy too while you’re at it.


Purchase His Favorite Instruments


Whether your husband is a skilled player or not, buying an instrument is always a good idea. Playing music has been proven to have beneficial effects on mental health and learning new skills never goes out of fashion!


Buy Practical Gifts for Him


If you are still confused about whether your man would like a fancy, over-the-top gift or not then stick to playing it safe by buying him a practical gift. This could be anything from buying gardening sets, new dishwashers, or repairing old machines, buying new gadgets for your tech-savvy husband. Or anything that may make his life a little easier.

By jmdblog