10 Effective Ways to Increase Brain Power

There are many simple methods you can use to enhance your brain power. This post will walk you through 10 most effective ways to increase brain power. 

Improved concentration and enhanced memory are things that everyone strives to achieve. The good thing is you don’t require huge sums of cash to increase your brain power; you only need to invest time to train your brain often.  Here are some simple things you can  do to boost your brain power: 

1. Learn Something New

Learning something new stimulates your brain as it gives your brain a workout the same way physical exercise does. Don’t get stuck doing the same old things—the best way to change your brain’s structure is to try something new. This will create novel neural pathways; thus, your brain power will increase. 

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2. Stop Using GPS

Technological advancement has made everything easier, including map reading. This, in turn, has made our brains less efficient and lazier. Ditch the GPS and go back to the old-school way of using maps to navigate. 

This will help exercise the portion of your brain responsible for comprehending spatial relationships. Developing navigational skills causes the hippocampus to grow, forming additional neural pathways as the number of mental maps increases. The more you develop navigation skills, the more the hippocampus grows structurally to accommodate new information. 

3. Consume Adequate Essential Fatty Acids

Not eating adequate essential fatty acids increases your risk of suffering from neurological diseases like depression and dementia. This is because the brain derives its membranes from these fatty acids. 

To ensure a functioning and healthy brain, you should consume fatty fish like tuna, sardines, salmon, and cod. Limit your intake of refined carbs and sugary foods since they dull the brain and make you sluggish.

4. Reduce Stress Levels

When we are stressed, the adrenal gland releases a hormone called cortisol. Constant stress damages your brain since too much cortisol affects the hippocampus, which controls memory. Cortisol prevents the hippocampus from developing new nerve cells, which can cause Alzheimer’s. 

Numerous studies have shown an increased likelihood of the hippocampus shrinking when it’s linked to cortisol for a long time. Identify your stress triggers to know who best to handle them.  

5. Consume Green Tea

Surprisingly, doing something as simple as drinking green tea can increase your brain power. Green tea contains catechins, an antioxidant proven to enhance memory and reduce cognitive dysfunction. It can also assist in enhancing attention and focus. 

Green tea also contains polyphenols such as ECG, which prevent brain cell damage. Green tea also has L-theanine, an amino acid that crosses the brain-blood barrier and improves GABA, serotonin, dopamine, and alpha wave activity. 

6. Exercise

Physical exercise is among the most effective ways to increase brain power. Recent research indicates that 20 minutes of exercise daily can assist in increasing our brain’s growth factor. Exercise enhances oxygen flow to your brain, protecting your brain cells. 

The brain has high metabolic demand, and thus, it requires good circulation. Physical exercise induces good circulation; hence the brain has access to essential nutrients and enhances the production of molecules essential for the brain to work well.  

7. Get Enough Sleep

There’s a common perception that our brain also rests when we rest. In reality, our brain is usually awake at certain moments in our sleep. When we sleep, the brain eliminates toxins. 

Inadequate sleep means the toxins aren’t cleared fast enough, affecting our memory. Creativity, memory, cognitive function, and thinking are all tied to sleep. Turn off any devices 30 minutes before bedtime. 

8. Start Meditating

Meditation, particularly mindful meditation, can assist in retraining the brain to work more efficiently. Meditation helps in stress reduction and increases memory. Regularly meditating for 15 minutes can do wonders for your brain. 

Studies have shown that meditation increases the brain’s alpha wave activity, reducing stress. Meditation also decreases beta wave activity which results in decreased anxiety. 

9. Hydrate

Having enough liquids in your system is essential since our brains are 80% water. Our brains don’t work well when you’re dehydrated; therefore, ensure you drink water throughout the day. Drinking vegetable or fruit juice is also good since they contain polyphenols that protect brain cells from damage. 

Fluids like water help deliver essential brain nutrients and remove toxins. When the brain is well hydrated, toxin and nutrient exchange is usually more efficient, thus ensuring mental alertness and better concentration. 

10. Laugh

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Laughing stimulates various brain parts, allowing you to think broadly and freely. It’s also a natural stress reliever, and stress usually inhibits brainpower. 

Laughing causes the release of endorphins like dopamine, giving the brain a sense of reward and pleasure. As a result, the brain wave activity changes towards gamma frequency, increasing recall and memory. 


The brain is an essential part of us. Scientists are conducting studies on how to enhance brain power to unlock our brain’s full potential. The most effective way to enhance brain power is to engage in activities that cause the release of hormones such as dopamine which increases memory and recall. One such activity you can try is staking on online platforms like Parimatch. Betting on parimatch.in is fun, simple, and straightforward.

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