Yoga Asana For Different Organs of The Human Body

Yoga can be performed in three ways – A. sitting B. lying and C. standing. Sitting begins with Dandasana, beginning of lying down with Shavasana and Makarasana, and beginning of standing limb operation with tadasana or Namaskara mudra.


In Dandasana, both the legs are kept straight towards the front. Stretching the hands from the waist and placing the palms on the ground. The waist and arm are kept upright. Then the legs, heel, knees, buttocks, abdomen, back, hand toes, elbows, chest, shoulders, neck, and eyes are exercised respectively. Everyone knows about Shavasan, Makarasan, and Savdhaan Posture.


Exercise for Digestive system-


Step 1- Stand in a careful posture, then hold the palms of both the hands in each other and bring them upwards of the head and turn the palms towards the sky. Now tilt your head right once then left. Do this 8 to 12 times.


Step 2- Stretch your feet at a distance and stand in a relaxed posture and spread both hands in front. Then bend the body from the waist, move the hands first right, such that the palms of the left hand touch the right shoulder. Then take the left hand while straightening it. Do this process also 8 to 12 times.


Step 3 – Stand in a careful posture. Place the palms of both hands on the waist and then rotate the waist clockwise and anti-clockwise.


Step 4- Lie on the stomach in the position of Makarasan. Then, pressing the palms of the hands on the ground, lift the body from the ground like a transposition so that the arms become completely straight. Now try to look at the legs by turning your head and chest right. Then turn left and look at the feet. Do this process 6 to 8 times.


Step 5 – Sit on the feet. Place the palms of both hands on the knees. Then lift the right leg and rest the legs on the ground, i.e sit in the Hanuman style but do not separate the palms from the knee. Then rotate the neck and chest and look back. After staying in this position for some time, do the same procedure by keeping the left foot on the ground. You can do this 8 to 12 times.


Exercise for knee and hips-


Step 1- Fold the right leg on the left thigh, hold the right paw with the left hand and place the right hand on the right knee. Now, by putting the right hand below the right knee, raise the knee above the chest and while pressing the knee, rest it on the ground. Do this up and down 8-10 times. Similarly, do this exercise by turning opposite the left leg on the right thigh as before.

Step 2- Finally, by holding the claw with both hands, make the knees touch the ground and lift it up. Thus, repeat it several times. This exercise is done to make the hip joint health and to reduce the increased fat there. This will also make it easier to perform Padmasana. If you would like to gain in-depth knowledge about yoga and meditation, you can join a yoga school in Rishikesh which will help you incorporate yoga in your daily life


Exercise for neck


Step 1. While sitting in Dandasana, try to bring the chin to the right shoulder by turning the neck first to the right. Similarly, keep the neck turned to the left and keep it in the left shoulder line.


Step 2- After that, while keeping the neck facing forward, attach the chin to the chest, then slowly raise and tilt it back as much as possible. Finally, rotate the neck in both directions. Clockwise and Anti-clockwise.


Step 3- Put the palm of the right side above the ear on the right side, press the head with the hand, and apply pressure from head to hand. In this way, there is a vibration in the neck by pressing the hand against the head and the head against the other. Thus, this action should be done from the left side by applying pressure 4-5 times.


Step 4- Finally put the fingers of both hands in each other and press the hands from head to head with hands. The head and neck should be straight while doing this. Against pressure, there will be only one vibration that is necessary for the neck and smooth the blood circulation.


Exercise for stomach, waist, and back


Step 1- Open both legs slightly and spread in front. Raise both hands in front of your shoulders. Then hold the left toe with the right hand and keep the left hand straight up towards the back, try turning the neck to the left and look towards back. Similarly, do it from the other side. With both these exercises, the back pain and stomach are healthy and increased fat of the waist is removed, but those who have excessive back pain should not do this exercise.


Step 2- Hold the wrist of each other with both hands, lift it up, and take it behind the head. While inhaling, pull the left hand from the right hand to the back of the head. The neck and head remain stable. Then exhale, move the hands up. Similarly, do this action from the other side.


Step 3- Sit on the knees and palms. Like a cow or a cat. Now pull the back up and try to look at the stomach while bending the neck. Then pull the stomach and back down and lift the neck up and look into the sky. Do this process 8-12 times.


Exercise for heart, elbow, arm, neck, and shoulder


Step 1- Spread the palms in front of the palms of both the hands upwards. Now bend the elbow, while joining the fingers, touch the right-hand fingers on the right shoulder and the left fingers on the left shoulder. Then straighten the hands again. Do this four to six times.

Step 2- Do the same exercise by extending the arms parallel to both the shoulders. As in the first step, the hands were upward. Now keep it in front and then spread this parallel to the shoulders and bend the elbow and do this exercise.


Step 3- Spread the palms of both hands parallel to both shoulders. Now bend the elbow, while joining the fingers, touch the right-hand fingers on the right shoulder and the left fingers on the left.


Step 4- Now rotate the elbow clockwise and anti-clockwise. Do this four to six times. Then rotate the clockwise and anti-clockwise, touching both elbows in front of the chest.


Step 5- Close the fist of both the hands and keep it near the chest in such a way that the back parts of the fingers are engaged.


Step 6 – Now press the fingers of the closed fist with both hands and then take the elbows behind the back. This process will open your chest. Then slowly bring the closed fists close to the chest and mix. This process can also be done by opening the fists.


Step 7- Now hold the shoulder of the left hand with the right hand and the shoulder of the right hand with the left hand and press the shoulder to the wrists, while pressing the shoulders with the hands. Do this exercise four to six times.


These yoga asanas would help you exercise the organs of your body and keep them in good working condition. If you would like to become a yoga teacher and start your own yoga school, you can join 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh which will help you learn all the aspects of yoga and meditation.

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