How To Ask For Reviews From Your Business Customers With Examples

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all”- If only we can instill these wise words from ‘Bambi’ in the mind of the masses on the internet. Unfortunately, the real world is not a Disney film. No company is truly safe from public criticism online on websites like Myassignmenthelp, or Yelp.

Bad word of mouth can put a dent in the reputation of a brand. As per the present reports of Bright Local Survey, nearly nine in 10 consumers read online reviews for local businesses. Getting folks to leave desire feedback on Amazon, Facebook or Yelp is definitely challenging- particularly for small businesses.

But with the right strategy and effective practices, you can receive more raves and develop your reputation. We reached out to a few top marketing consultants on this topic.

They suggested some foolproof strategies to promote positive customer reviews which we have enlisted below-

1. Ask For Reviews On-Site

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The best time to ask for a review is while the activity is still fresh in the mind of a customer. Get them before they sleep on it and go towork the next day. Have a smartphone or laptop handy with review sites loaded up. Suppose if a consumer is buying assignments from an online service provider, ask them to visit a certain website and write a quick review. Merely the act of verbally asking for a review can be enough to get people inspired.

2. Respond To Every Review To Show Appreciation

If a brand is proactive about responding to reviews, this creates the impression that the consumers of the company are actually valued and heard. This open communication would also encourage others to provide their feedback as well. While it’s incredibly crucial to thank the customers for sharing positive reviews, it’s just as important to respond to the negative feedback as well.

3. Send A Follow-Up Email

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A week or so after the activity, a company should send an email to the customer. The brand should let their customers know that their goal is to create the best experience possible. It should thank them again for purchasing their products and provide a link to sites like Yelp or where they can write a detailed review of their experience. With online booking software, these companies can also automate mails to make sure they reach everyone in a timely fashion.

4. OfferAn Incentive

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Undoubtedly, it wouldn’t be apt to bribe a customer for giving a positive review of your products. However, offering a small incentive for writing a review (irrespective of its tone) is different. Know that the objective is to receive feedback, not to game the system. Encourage your customers to participate by offering a discount, or running a monthly contest where writing a review is the entry ticket.

5. Share Positive Customer Feedback You’ve Already Received

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Any positive feedback you have received, in the past or recently, can and must be shared across various social media platforms. This creates a brilliant opportunity for positive customer reviews to reach even greater masses. It also establishes social proof that would encourage others to do the same. Highlight the positive review in the form of an appealing graphic, like a motivational quote that attracts more engagement and increases the reach.

Believe it or not, your customers certainly do have nice things to say about the business. Sometimes, they just need a nudge in the right direction. If you implement these top-notch strategies suggested above, then you can effectively promote the presence of customer reviews associated with your brand. Here’s wishing all the luck!

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