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YouTube is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. It is much more than a place where you can watch videos to kill time. It has now become one of the best marketing tools for businesses. Not only businesses but individuals are using YouTube to get exposure and showcase their skills to the world. From small to established businesses, everyone is making the most of this free platform to promote its products and reach out to the wider world.

Now you must be wondering why YouTube when you can advertise your business on Facebook and Twitter? The reason is there are over 1.3 billion YouTube users. Every minute over 300 hours of videos are uploaded. Over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube on a daily basis. Over 80% of the users are aged 18-49 years.

Every day millions of businesses use YouTube to host videos. However, it takes a perfectly designed marketing strategy to effectively promote a business on this social media platform. We have asked experts how to use YouTube marketing to promote a business. Let’s hear from Emily who blogs for JaalaTEK, a digital marketing company in Canada.

YouTube fits any kind of business:

YouTube is a versatile social networking platform. People from every niche use it to promote their business to prospects and customers. This means no matter what your niche or industry is, YouTube provides the biggest platform to reach the widest range of audience. However, since every business is different, the marketing strategy that worked for another business may not work for you. So, plan your YouTube marketing strategy in a way that suits your business.

Popular online search engine:

With the advent of technology, people have become more aware of the options they have. They perform online searches on YouTube before buying a product. This way they get to see the quality of the product more closely. This online search behavior of the users has made YouTube one of the most popular online search engines. It means you are missing out on a great online marketing opportunity if you don’t have your account on YouTube.

Video content is more engaging:

With the advent of platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more, marketers are realizing the potential video content has. Today, video content is the king. Textual content sounds boring to the majority to skim through. However, video content keeps them engaged.

But you need to make sure to create and post such videos that truly represent your business and your brand. Make them engaging but not distracting. Keep them focused on the marketing goal you are trying to achieve.

Less expensive customer targeting:

When it comes to targeting the intended audience with the right keywords, YouTube is far less expensive. It won’t be wrong to call YouTube the cheapest source of traffic. The share of YouTube sponsored ads is far lower when compared to Google AdWords. The average advised bid for YouTube is $0.28 as compared to $2.13 for Google AdWords. This makes YouTube a cheaper option to market your business as compared to Google search.

How to effectively market your business on YouTube?

When it comes to YouTube marketing, you will fail without a plan. Therefore, before getting started with your YouTube videos, design a strategy to follow. Some of the most important steps include:

  • Choose your video format
  • Create videos
  • Choose the right keywords and add them to your video description
  • Incorporate an effective call to action
  • Have an active presence on YouTube as well as other social media platforms.
  • Market your videos effectively

Wrapping up:

Video is the most engaging form of content. Marketers have started to incorporate YouTube into their marketing strategy to cater to a wider range of audience. It is the cheapest source of traffic and is accessible to big to small businesses. Even individual creatives can use YouTube to make a living. However, to get the desired results, you need an effective strategy to work with. Plan out your videos in a way that they align with the goals you have set for your business. It will help you make the most of YouTube as a marketing channel.

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