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Modern classic is probably one of the most famous and sought-after interior designs in the design world. With inspirations drawn from simplicity, balance and elegance, modern classic is not only timeless but also comfortable and edgy. There are various ways you can achieve this look and today we have compiled a list of ways you can adopt to make your home truer to this style.  

Preserve classic architectural details

If you have a house that has been around for a while and has classical elements to it, preserve them as much as you can. Often, the original architecture can add a lot of character and personality into your home, while also giving you a direction in how to plan around it. Highlight these original features of your house to make the most out of them- restore the original moldings, repaint the fireplace or re polish the wooden details- all of this will add to the final look while making your house stand apart from other modern classic interior designs.  

Try to avoid the trends

Modern classic interior design can often fall into using trends, which can ruin it as this kind of design is defined by its ability to remain timeless. A subtle sophistication that provides functionality should be your go-to for your home. Some trends can have these qualities and using them won’t make your home look “old” after a while. Try to avoid trends though, that you know will pass by and will stop you from achieving the timeless design. Oversized furniture, busy patterns and bright colours can make you feel overwhelmed and make the room feel busy- instead choose the timeless neutrals. If you do want to try out the trends, use them in items that are not permanent- cushions, blankets, décor, artwork- and avoid the bigger accents like furniture and wall colour from falling into the “trendy” aspect.  

Use natural materials

These designs often employ inspiration from nature. Using natural materials, therefore, makes for the perfect link between the modern and classic eras. These materials are design staples, which has led to a rise in the different styles of furniture and designs inspired by them. One example would be stone flooring or accent walls with a rough stone effect. Another, more prominent example, is the use of natural fabrics like jute and pure cotton in decorative pieces. Experimenting with different kinds of wooden floor materials can also help with making the space feel timeless- go dark wood flooring for a more sophisticated look and light wooden flooring for a brighter look, as light wood floors reflect sunlight (and light in general) better. Using marble on the walls is another great way you can create a focal point while maintaining a timeless elegance.

Pay attention to the details

Small details come together to create the overall design. By paying attention to the details, you can create the perfect modern classic interior design. Simple lines, accessories and artwork make for the cohesive look that brings your place together. You can experiment with modern and classic artworks- both of which are heavily used in modern classic interior designs. One of the most important details to include, though, is to ensure that your home is safe. The easiest way to do so is by adding CCTV outside the doors and windows. To get one installed by professionals, click here.  

Quality matters

One of the defining features of this kind of design is its timeless look- this means that your furniture and décor should be able to last a long time without needing to be changed. Investing in good quality furniture will be fruitful in the future. Choose fabrics that are difficult to mess up and last a long time, furniture that is made of good quality material and décor that looks grand. All these little details and attention to quality will add to the ambience, making your place look comfortable.  

Create balance and symmetry  

Balance and symmetry are the key features of having a modern classic interior design. They create a harmonious space where you can feel comfortable. Moreover, balance ensures that nothing in the room overwhelms you or takes up too much space. The easiest way to achieve this is by choosing a focal point and balancing things on either side of this. Balance does not mean you need to go matchy-matchy. Rather, it means that you need to balance out the elements- for example, if you have a floor to ceiling window on one side, balance it out by having a floor to ceiling storage shelf or built-in closet.  

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