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Every teacher aims to teach effectively, and ensure the academic success of every student. In a classroom full of students, all are different from one another. Some are quite intelligent and active participants while some students take time to process the information, learn and perform. All teachers wish to make every learner academically active and successful. Let us discuss some effective tips that teachers can follow for the academic growth and well-being of all students.  

Tips for teachers to make students more active academically 

1. Use technology to teach 

Understanding the detailed theory lessons and applicative portions from the textbooks becomes difficult for many students. Also listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is boring for the students too. To make them more active in academics, the best tip is to use technology. 

 By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, and more. This helps students to relate to the lessons better.  Let us discuss some of the benefits of teaching via technical aids. 

  • Helps students to understand the lessons well. 
  • Classes become more interesting for students. 
  • Enhance student’s participation in the class 

2. Encourage students for self-studies 

For making students academically better, only classroom learning won’t be enough. Self-efforts are equally important. No teacher can do anything if students’ self-efforts, accountability, and dedication are absent. Another tip that teachers should follow is to encourage students to self-study. Ask them that after returning from school, they must revise and learn the lessons at home. Give them homework and interesting assignments to make. You can also interact with parents, asking them to make sure that their child studies at home every day. 

  • Students come to the classes well prepared. 
  • More active participants in the class. 
  • Reduces pressure on teachers and helps in effective teaching. 

3. Have extracurricular activities 

To make students academically active, extracurricular activities are equally important. Having the subject classes all day long becomes exhausting as well as boring for students. This can affect students’ concentration and understanding levels in the class. To avoid this happening with your students, make sure to have extracurricular activities. 

By using a school LMS, teachers can manage to conduct one co-curricular class every day. Dance, yoga, aerobics, music, sports, art, and craft are some of the examples. This will help students to enjoy, have fun, develop motor skills and become more active in the academic classes too. Some of its benefits are 

  • Students get a break from back-to-back academic classes. 
  • Get re-energized for further classes. 
  • Enhance students’ communication, social and behavioral skills which further contributes to academic success. 

4. Have participatory activities 

The teacher-centered approach of teaching that is coming to a class, explaining the topics continuously, and making students sit as mere listeners won’t work. When students get no opportunity to speak up, ask or share their thoughts, they relate less to the teaching. This can affect their class performance as well as exam scores.

 Therefore, a teacher-learner approach should be practiced in the class. Using an institute ERP, plan and conduct interesting participatory activities such as group discussions, recitations, question-answer rounds, presentations, and more. This will make students speak up and interact with one another. This broadens their knowledge and ensures the academic development of all. 

  • Students will get instant feedback from the teachers. 
  • By sharing and listening to each other’s ideas and answers, students’ knowledge is enhanced. 
  • Classes become less monotonous and more fun for students. 

5. Start meditation practice in the classroom 

Many students deal with stress and anxiety issues. Students do overthinking, self-doubting, and have unhealthy comparisons. They have poor concentration and learning skills as well. All these are a few reasons behind the low academic results of students. The one solution to all these problems is meditation. All teachers must make students meditate in the class. 

  • Meditation helps students to enhance their brain functioning and learning capacity. 
  • Students’ concentration and memorization skills are boosted which enhances their academic performance. 
  • They become mentally calm, composed and develop the right behavioral traits. 


Every teacher wants their students to grow academically and achieve greater heights of success in life. To grow in your profession and do good for students, following effective strategies are important. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can teach effectively to enhance the academic skills of the students. This will help students to receive a quality education, understand well and ensure their academic growth and development. 

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