Artificial intelligence does come with high potential risks along with benefits. The risks are huge such as a cyber WWIII, and dehumanization as Aldous Huxley predicted in his books as they call his book ‘a nightmarish vision of the future.’ Well, we have been seeing so much negative talk about the future of AI that we have forgotten that war is inevitable and has been going on for ages, and right now this generation and the future generations are more emotionally, technologically, and socially aware than the older ones. Logically, the statistics of war and violence in the world have lowered than before. All this negative talk is a propaganda to keep people unaware and fearful towards the future. Well, we do believe that there still is a lot of negative things happening the world but it is comparatively low because people are self-aware and will continue to get more and more aware due to which violence in the coming eras might not be a thing. The course of life is natural and it will be natural, people will learn to revolve around AI. 


Change, War, and AI are inevitable 

AI can benefit and aid humans in ways more than they can imagine. We are more in a cultural shock when we learn about the things it is capable of and our traditional mind-sets find it difficult to absorb such a heavy information. However, must remember that AI will be more exposed to the next generation and to make it feel normal we must research and make them aware. We should research about it on the internet and teach the next generation that it doesn’t come as a shock to them and to us because the more you read the more you normalise it. Running from something that is inevitable is pointless, imagine competing with Elon Musk and starting a war against AI. So, get a good internet connection, and educate yourself. For good internet, we would suggest you to buy high speed internet from BuyTVInternetPhone and start exploring the immaculate world of AI. 


Superhuman powers 

It is likely that somewhere in the future, artificial intelligence might exceed human intelligence and be more aware but if that happens humans will also know their way around robots, and will be able to use it for the betterment of the world. Just like now, there are positive and negative superpowers, there will be in the future too. What we should do is feed positivity to world and stay away from negative talk and intentions because we will be the ones raising the next generation into what they become. 


Best for those with disabilities

The best part about Artificial Intelligence is and will be the fact that it is very friendly towards people with disabilities. Artificial intelligence is and will continue to be the ability of differently abled people. As far as it is predicted, AI will be very helpful and enabling for people and will make them able to do more than they are capable of now. This is one very positive fact about AI and it has already been happening. AI is efficient and time saving for everyone and as it evolves, it will be more and more efficient.


Changing the world for the better

AI is knows to be and will be more and more emotionally and psychologically aware when doctors and psychologists start working on the AI they will make sure the AI is designed to be aware. When we talk about AI being more efficient, we mean that it will be designed in an advanced way where it makes multiple probabilities as the brain does and will choose the one most relevant one in all aspects of life. If you think about it, AI is already doing that. Scientists already know how the brain works, and it won’t be long until they make a robot think like a human, just more efficient because robots don’t have memory issues.


No Racism

One very common things that we face when doing business and building a network are biases and discrimination. That is one more thing that we will not have to worry about, because in the future AI will be automated and networking will happen without biases based on language, race, and gender, and only the profile will matter. It will be more time and energy saving, and your network will be built according to your profile. Your AI will automatically find the people suitable for you and you will not have to worry about your network it will be much faster and efficient. 

For years, we have been listening to negative talk about Artificial intelligence. However, it is like a cultural shock that our traditional mind-sets cannot grasp. The generations after us will be much more aware and educated and they will know their way around AI because let’s face it, change is inevitable. 

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